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Guidance and Counseling Services

Program Overview
School guidance and counseling services are a vital part of Alleghany County Schools, helping promote academic and social-emotional success among students.  These school-based services revolve around the identified needs of students. School counselors advocate for the needs of all students by removing barriers that may be adversely affecting student achievement.  They help provide a support system to ensure that student’s unique needs are met in order to become academically and socially prepared for society. 

School counselors provide support for students in a variety of ways:

  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Group counseling sessions
  • Classroom lessons
  • Crisis support
  • College/career counseling
  • Serve as a team member of school-based Student Success Teams

School Contacts

  • Alleghany High School-Elizabeth Dean, Courtney Bennett (336-372-4554)
  • Sparta Elementary School-Victoria Reed (336-372-8546)
  • Piney Creek School-Holly Wyatt (336-359-2988)
  • Glade Creek Elementary School-Holley Wyatt (336-657-3388)